I was born in 1963 near St. Gallen, Switzerland. After school I made an apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker. The company (Studach Intéreur, St. Gallen) was very well known for exclusive and perfect manufactured interior finish and furniture.

In the first monts of my apprenticeship I started cutting my first, simple marquetry. No one in the company and outside could give me exact informations about cutting marquetry. So I began to read and to buy special books (once I spent my whole montly income for two books about Abraham and David Roentgen, one of the most famous manufacture for inlaid furniture in the 18th century).
With these private studys and with just try to do new things, I developed my own personal technical and artistic stile, which is very different from other persons who make inlay work.

After my apprenticeship I worked another 4 years for Studach Intérieur. Then I felt that I had the experience to make difficult and special works in perfect quality and in a good time. During that time I made a lot of marquetry pictures to hang on a wall. Pictures, because there is not much "normal" work to finish a marquetry. And because pictures are easy to transport, to exhibit  and to store.

From 1987 to 1989 I worked some time as a cabinet-maker for different companies. In the main part of this time I made marquetrys. I just made the designs and sizes I want to. Without thinking of making a lot of money, just because I want it.
But I sold some works and I got my first bigger orders. And I began a evening school (2 years) to improve my commercial abilities.

Since 1990 Iworked again as a cabinet-maker, but I can always take time off to manufacture the orders I get or for my new year cards. And I did and do this a few times each year.

In the last years i had the possibility to create, design and prepare orders for furniture and interior finish at my job as cabinet-maker.

In fall 1993 I began my evening school (3 years) to prepare the exam for the

Master of cabinet-maker

which I finished in summer 1997 with the best result (5.3) of all candidates who finished that year.
During these nearly 4 years I did'nt had time to make a lot of marquetry, but I made each year at least 2 inlay works.

Since 1.1.2000 this work is not only my intense hobby, it is my part-time job.

On the 16th of march 2001 we founded the "INTARSIA GmbH", located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In this company I brought in all my activities about designing, planing and manufacturing marquetry.

I'm looking forward to have contacts with a lot of interesting and interested people.