how I think

leading ideas

My works correspond to the customer and fit functional, by design and emotional.

The design and the daily use shoud complete one another, never compete or even exclude.

Wood should have the freedom to keep its identity, to be wood. With all the charming, fascinating defects and particularities that nature gas given it.

I use metals, mother-of-pearl, bones and other materials to get ans set special effects.

All works were individually made, except work I make as a supplier to other companies and works with designs brought by customers.

I want to combine the technical perfection of a David Roentgen
with the lightness of choosing veneers of Emile Gallé
and my personal creativity and spezialized knowledge
to create a perfect work.

My customers are consumers as well as cabinet-makers, designer, architects, interior designers and others.

Hans Grob


selbstp.jpg (25323 Byte)

 Hans Grob selfportrait   1987    880 x 590 mm